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Learning how to do the business side of art making.

I recently posted my artwork on Etsy and I quickly found out how expensive it is to frame and ship large pieces of work. I sold a large framed piece of art on Etsy for $175.00. (Definitely, should’ve asked for more, but unfortunately, as an emerging artist, it’s hard to sell works of art that cost more then that). I was so excited to make my first sale. I went to the store and had a frame and mat board put on the drawing, which cost me roughly $70.00.

When I went to ship it, FedEx was going to charge me $60.00 for the box to put it in, and the shipping. I realized then that the cost to send a finished work of art was outrageous.

This is something that I never would’ve known otherwise, so unfortunately, I lost quite a bit of profit on this first piece of art. My lesson was that I need to ask for more when selling original, framed pieces of art; and to better estimate how much it will cost me for the process. I also need to to value myself as an artist who works hard for what she has now. I shouldn’t sell myself so short and that it’s okay to make mistakes because it teaches you what not to do in the future.

(If you see that my prices have changed on Etsy, this is why. It’s to protect myself as an artist and to make sure that everyone who buys from me is getting the best quality work they can.)

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