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Finding the value in taking my own reference images

Since our state has been quarantined, Hope and I have had a lot more time to do nature walks. (Of course, we make sure to stay more than 6 feet away from everyone at the park.) Today we went to Woodward park and sat under a tree where tiny tiny flowers grew all over. I pulled out my camera and started taking pictures of them, getting different angles that I struggle to find on the internet. I quickly realized that since it’s spring, I should take this opportunity to take as many photos of different flowers that I can. Almost all of my drawings that I create have flowers in them, why not use my own pictures? It makes my art feel more intimate to use my own reference images.

Also, by going to parks and seeing the squirrels, birds and flowers it fuels my inspiration and makes me think more dynamically about what I draw. These pictures that I took today will definitely find their way into my work soon.

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